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Traveling through Genius

Those absorbed in worldly ideas stand little chance before those of tremendous, unbridled military force. As I traveled through Greece and Italy, listening to the tour guides tell the historical stories of their nation, I was reminded of Archimedes of Syracuse. Archimedes was a mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer, and inventor absorbed by his studies and unique ideas. During the siege of Syracuse by Rome, Archimedes was deeply engrossed in solving a mathematical problem when a Roman soldier barged into Archimedes' home and demanded Archimedes come with him immediately to meet the supreme leader of the Army. Archimedes politely refused as his focus was fixed on the problem he was currently engaged in. The infuriated soldier thrust his sword through Genius, killing it forever. This story has been told in many ways throughout the world's history.

I have found that those who feel the need to lie are afraid. At the same time, those who tell the truth, as Archimedes did, tend to be skewered. Even more interesting are those in positions of great power usually don't have a second in command, that alone a strong second in command. Vice President John Adams complained, "My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived." For Adams, being the VP was a frustrating experience for a man of his vigor and intellect. Many second in command are purposely stifled to ensure no confusion about who is in charge. I find this strange; in my experience, the only leaders who need to suppress those around them are weak, afraid, and lie often. Those second in command will also lie while waiting for their turn at power. If they are brilliant, they are quickly removed.

Some have noticed intelligence leaders have resigned themselves to the shadows. The figureheads propped up to the masses are only shells of once outstanding leadership that once held those positions. Anyone of true Genius is being skewered to silence any voice of dissent. Lying has become required for self-preservation. The only explanation for the current world events is to force a worldwide reset, much like the Great Depression on PEDs. So, how does the world achieve equity with less-developed nations? Just ask the soldier who thrust his sword through Genius; kill anything you can't tolerate. Equity doesn't mean better; it means the same for all according to their need. Those in power don't want what you have; they just don't want you to have it. "From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs." It sounds like it should work.

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