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Our Projects. 

Wolverton Genealogical Research (WGR) is a reliable source for discovering your family story. We strive for truth, knowledge, and wisdom in our research, to help you uncover the history of your family and the stories they have to tell. Read more about our recent projects and find out how we can help you on your journey of discovery.

Wolverton Family Fan Chart
Project Woolverton

​My first project was using a Family Tree created by my Uncle Skeeter and filling in the missing branches. Before the Internet, this was a monumental undertaking. However, I found several books about the Wolvertons' and gained a basic understanding of those Woolvertons who came before me. I could trace from the top of the Wolverton tree, the most recent common ancestor (MRCA); however, I hit multiple "brick walls," tracing my branch of the Family Tree back to this MRCA. Then in 2011, DNA tests became affordable, and I took my first Y-DNA test to find other Wolvertons with the same Family History. Much to my chagrin, I didn't match a single Wolverton! I was matching Hills. This truth led to much consternation among my family's genealogists. I have resolved many issues with the knowledge I gained while researching and, more importantly, gained Wolverton Family Heritage Wisdom.  There is still much more to do.

Dorothy Ann Hughes Grave Marker
Project Dorothy

What events led to the tragic death of Dorothy Ann Hughes in the early morning hours of 7 August? Why were her children separated? Did her children find resolve with the answers they received from Dorothy’s family?

My current project has a plethora of unknown events, strange occurrences, and baffling life-changing decisions. Her real-life events read more like an engaging novel than a boring genealogical research project. As new documents are reviewed, and DNA tests are received, I find new insights and important discoveries. For every question answered, I find the need to develop a new list of unanswered questions and the requirement for advanced research tools to find answers to these questions. I struggle daily with finding methods to resolve contradictions and these seemingly unanswerable questions.  Join me on this journey as I post updates along the way.

Johann & Maria Hesch Gal
Project Gal

Can you imagine what it was like to be raised in Transylvania post-World War II? What if you and your family had a chance of moving to America, but it met leaving everything behind? Now imagine being one of their children and wanting to understand the Family history and the family name origins.  Then being very excited because you have a large box of family documents only to discover that all of the documentation is written in Romanian, German, and other local dialects?  What would you do next?  We're here for you!

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