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About Wolverton Genealogical Research (WGR)

Wolverton Genealogical Research (WGR) is dedicated to helping Family Members find their history and unlocking truths that only a deep genealogical search can recover.  I have spent years in the research field, looking for and unlocking truths during my time as a research engineer for the United States Air Force. I am now applying that knowledge to genealogy along with my continuing education in Genealogy and Private Investigation.    

Lead Researcher

My name is John Franklin Wolverton. I started my genealogical journey in 2004.  What I thought would be simple documentation of a Family Tree turned into a journey with many unanswered questions and new paths to follow.  Through deep searches, advanced DNA tools, and continuing education, I have found that I have just begun to scratch the surface of my background and heritage.  However, without the many victories I have achieved along the way, I would have been discouraged from continuing my quest years ago.  What I have found has been worth every hour spent researching, because I have gained Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom about my Family History. 

Boston University Certification
Program Management Professional
Private Investigator Training
Masters in International Relations Troy University
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