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Time Travel

What is slumber but a journey through time, where we traverse the realms of dreams, untouched by the joys and sorrows during our time traveling until we are awoken.

Pedro de Escobar, Pedro was trapped in the chilling abyss of despair, his very existence hanging by the thinnest thread. The weight of countless errors pressed upon him, threatening to extinguish his life and family. Once a superstar in computer science, guiding expansive departments with brilliance, he now trembled in the frigid recesses of a cargo container. Drenched in an ominous cocktail of blood and rain, his world plunged into darkness. A hood shrouded him in disorientation and fear. Yet, just as he believed he had reached the bottom, a cruel unveiling exposed him to an intrusive brilliance. His eyes, grappling with the harsh light, were met with a sight that froze the marrow in his bones — the lifeless, vacant gazes of his wife and two daughters that would haunt him into eternity.

His anguished cries reverberated through the desolate shelter, shattered by yet another tormenting nightmare. If only the hands of time could be turned back if only he could rewrite the grim narrative that now defined his existence. In this squalid refuge for illicit refugees from the South of the border, Pedro, rebranded as the forlorn Pete, found himself entangled, devoid of a passport, identification, or credentials. His fate was an unrelenting descent into the role of a janitor at a local poultry plant, where the gruesome aftermath of eviscerated birds awaited his diligent mop. A relentless guilt clung to him, a penance for the tragedy he wrought upon his own family. Seated on his broken-down cot amidst a sea of other destitute souls, the air thick with despair, a sudden tumult erupted at the far end of the room. Panic seized the inhabitants, a frenzied stampede toward the exits. Still, Pete remained motionless, a mere spectator to the pandemonium, resigned to yet another calamity in the ever-expanding abyss of his existence.

Into the room strode a towering gringo, an incongruous presence that signaled a departure from the expected threats of Federales or Coyotes. Whatever loomed was an enigma of its own. The man traversed the space purposefully until he confronted Pete directly, uttering words laden with promise, "If you want a better life, follow me." Skepticism clouded Pete's thoughts, haunted by the specter of betrayal that had claimed his family in the past, and he thought, "Last time I trusted a gringo, my family ended up dead. Perhaps that's my just penance," he mused. The man, undeterred, repeated, "Si quieres una vida mejor, sígueme." Pete succumbed to the stranger's call, abandoning his meager possessions and leaving behind a room heavy with uncertainty. As he trailed the enigmatic figure, Pete's gaze fixated on him, a mosaic of confusion and curiosity. And Pete, against the backdrop of mistrust, chose to follow.

Transported to a processing facility teeming with fellow illegal refugees, Pete found himself caught in the labyrinth of uncertainty. Eager to unravel the mystery, he discreetly edged closer to eavesdrop on the conversations of those apparently wielding authority. Pete's linguistic prowess encompassed Spanish, English, and even Chinese, skills honed during his tenure at a cutting-edge company in Mexico. A guise of destitution shielded him, as they dismissed him as just another beggar. The revelations gleaned from their discussions fueled Pete's resolve, and he strategically positioned himself to acquire new documentation, now reborn as an American citizen bearing the name Peter Hygieia—an ironic epithet for a janitor. Spirited away to San Francisco, a designated Sanctuary City, he found himself showered with housing, money, and employment. Perusing the array of job opportunities before him, Peter, in halting English, persuaded the counselor to secure him a position as a night janitor at a high-tech computer company. The stage was set for his clandestine journey into the heart of a known technological realm.

Peter, exiting the enigmatic facility en route to his newfound residence, his parting contemplation resonated with a chilling truth: "People can't break your trust if you don't trust them." The air of suspicion hung heavily around him, a survival instinct forged in the crucible of betrayal. As he navigated the shadows of his new life, Peter clung to the philosophy that veiled skepticism as his shield against potential duplicity in this precarious journey into the unknown. The fresh employment opportunity beckoned like a door to revelation, promising to lead him into the mystery of what went wrong in Mexico. Peter was committed – this job would be the key to unveiling the truth, even if it meant risking his life.

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