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Seasons Greetings

In the tapestry of time, our birthright may be beyond our choosing, yet our choices weave the threads of our destiny as we journey forward.


Reflecting on the era when the light of Jesus first graced the world, we find that over 99% of our global family followed diverse pagan paths. In those times, the term "pagan" embraced those who held dear polytheistic beliefs, animistic wisdom, and nature-inspired spirituality. This label, derived from the Latin "pagans," originally meant "rural" or "rustic." The pagans marked sacred moments, including the Winter Solstice, Yule, or Yuletide, which were celebrated between December 20 and 23. Their festivities involved the warmth of a yule log, the beauty of an evergreen wreath, the joy of nature's treats, the exchange of heartfelt gifts, the rhythm of dance, the melody of song, and the adornment of yule trees.


Witnessing the joyous revelry of the pagans, early Christians sought to join the festivities, leading to the inception of Christ Mass, or Christmas. The date of December 25th was chosen strategically to avoid confusion with pagan celebrations and to infuse the Mass with merriment; Christians adopted many cherished Yule traditions. Regrettably, misunderstandings led to the disparaging use of the term "pagan," but remember, dear ones, beliefs, traditions, and dates are constructs of our collective imagination.


Within the intricate dance of love and hate that naturally unfolds among us, anger often flares over the perception of proper holidays and traditions. Over time, the holiday season has accumulated traditions and expectations, creating a tapestry of hope and longing. Yet, a stark reality confronts us in the headlines, challenging the narratives we believe.


Amidst these complexities, what is the true message of this season? The answer, dear friends, lies within your heart. Choose to believe as you wish, even if the world may not uniformly agree. As one wise friend once told me at this time of year, "Drink lots of water and don't interfere in other people's lives." In this season of celebration, let love guide your steps, and may the tapestry of your life be woven with threads of joy, compassion, and understanding.

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