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This timeless parable resonates even in our current day. I am wary of numerous seasoned politicians embodying the role of the young monk, reluctant to release the burdens of the past. Beware those in authority who regard you with puzzlement, for you have relinquished what they can never set free.

An aged monk and his apprentice embarked on a lengthy journey toward the Grand Temple in the distant North. Along the way, the seasoned monk imparted the wisdom of their sect to the young disciple. Despite being aware that the old monk held the esteemed position of Grand Master in the Order of Monks, the young apprentice remained captivated by his mentor's vast knowledge.

One early morning, their path led them to a tumultuous stream, posing a challenge for crossing. To their surprise, a sorrowful young lady appeared on the trail. The old monk approached her and inquired about her predicament. She revealed that her ailing mother resided in the far North, and she desperately sought to reach her before her passing. Without hesitation, the old monk handed his outer robe to the young apprentice, instructing him to follow, and then carried the young lady across the river without incident. Once on the other side, the old monk released the young lady, who, after expressing gratitude, swiftly ran off without uttering another word. The young monk stared at his mentor in disbelief, though the old monk maintained his silence. Their journey continued in quiet companionship.

Several days passed without an exchange of words between the two monks. Filled with frustration, the young apprentice finally confronted the old monk, questioning how he could violate their vow of never touching a woman.

The old monk calmly smiled and replied, “I left the young lady back at the stream’s shore days ago; you’re the one still carrying her.”

- Benjamin Pore

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