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Political Followers

Thou shouldst never craft restraints from fine iron, just as thou wouldst not choose a clever political leader as a follower. Indeed, followers are like the nails on a rooftop; they support the roof above the unscrupulous politician, shielding their leader regardless of the toll. They contribute nothing to the common good, merely exposing the flaws of the opposition while concealing the corruption of their political leader. Ridicule is the homage rendered to honest leaders by those of inadequate abilities.


Throughout history, human behavior has changed, but not human nature. No matter who holds power, the rewards gradually accrue to the cleverest and most talented individuals. Ideas, paramount in historical import, hold sway, for they can be endowed and shape the demeanor of the future; indeed, even ale, in its inception, has its roots in an idea.


The annals of time reveal the chart of human character. One must be acquainted with the tapestry of past human actions to fathom how man will act. This knowledge should be of grave concern, for history presents us with the likes of Vlad the Impaler and Oliver Cromwell. While competition existed among individuals for survival, it expanded, contending among families akin to the saga of Cain and Abel. Subsequently, it broadened further, engaging communities in its rivalry. Presently, it has extended to become a political instrument. Survival is impartial to hue, capable of nurturing a civilization beneath any race and in almost any circumstance. A civilization demands years for its construction, mere moments for its dissolution, and its restoration is forever elusive.


- Benjamin Pore

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