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Free Swim in a Contaminated Pool

It’s not that we’re incompatible, but then again, we may not be compatible either.


It's curious how people will swim in vast bodies of water where many have met their fate, yet if even one deceased individual is found in their pool, they'll steer clear. It makes you wonder: What's the acceptable ratio of deceased individuals to water for swimming?


Euphemisms serve as indirect terms, replacing harsh ones when discussing unpleasant matters. Political propaganda often employs euphemisms to conceal corruption within the party. Worse, they sometimes openly acknowledge their corruption and downplay its significance. Those outside the political sphere caution against accepting benefits from politicians that conveniently align with their interests and party agenda. It's worth noting that we're approaching an era where decisions won't rely solely on majority votes but instead on individuals who stake everything on their convictions, whether for good or ill.


If you only heed the party's recommendations, your thinking will mirror theirs. This bubble offers a comfortable existence, provided you never venture beyond its confines, and the bubble is large enough to avoid encountering unpleasant truths. Interestingly, the prevalence of reification* within the party has become ingrained among its members, including numerous extremists willing to sacrifice everything in service of these abstractions. They dive into the pool without hesitation, ignoring the bodies around them. Euphemistically, they claim, "They're simply passionate members, resting in the fruits of their labor."


You must ask yourself, “What’s the ratio of corruption to integrity I’m comfortable with when supporting my political party?” 


*Reification - treating something abstract as a concrete object or thing.

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