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At War with Reality

It seems odd that most politicians are going to war with reality. It is well known that in any political war, the first casualty is truth. What is political warfare but an effort to make the laws of nature and reality bend toward one party? How is the average constituent today unaware of the current political reality? Trust. Trust is a normal response to political statements of those you believe; trust is passive, whereas distrust is active, an active response cultivated over time by experience, awareness, and getting blindsided multiple times by those you trust. Unfortunately, this type of political trust will lead the nation into great peril.

Reality should take precedence over politics as laws of nature cannot be deceived. Many constituents have offered up solutions to the issues we are facing today. The constituents' solution is usually inappropriate; however, the problem they are trying to resolve is most likely real. The clever politician has realized this and is moving forward to weaponize any solution. Today constituents have found that taking the politician's advice can prove beneficial, partly because of their unique governmental insights but mainly because they control their livelihoods and can impose any retributions they choose to inflict on the constituent. The simple solution for the constituent is not to mislead themself, realizing that they're the easiest ones to deceive. However, most constituents today would rather die than think; they use raw emotion, for it's the simplest response.

Politicians and constituents alike will not obtain needed solutions by rejecting reality and using raw emotion. These types of solutions tend to attract their most hostile inter-nature. The current circumstances are not making the politician, just revealing their inner-self. The trustful constituents ignore many of the most dangerous signs of the existing solutions. Constituents should be aware that a politician may be honest in certain areas yet suffer great distrust; another politician may be dishonest in many areas yet acquire immense popularity. In either case, today, it seems only about winning, and this form of winning will bring about the demise of all of us.- Benjamin Pore

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Jul 08, 2023

Good job brother

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