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A Myth and A Strike

Myths as a reality are true; they do exist. A Myth is a traditional story about some individual or event that may or may not be based on facts. We all have grown up hearing mythological stories. They tend to be symbolic and often associated with religious beliefs. Children are partly told mythological stories to convey ethical behavior or scare them into behaving. People use the term myth interchangeably with legend, fable, and story. John, are you telling stories again? However, the deep-rooted use of a myth can be true, at least in part. Just because Adam and Jamie of MythBusters found that myth to be true, does it stop being a myth?

The strange thing about myths, for me, is that they tend to encourage aggressive behavior. The creatures in mythological stories are out to get humans for a host of reasons. This led to the human race's reaction, "Look, something I don't understand or agree with; let's kill it." Which is known as a myth and a strike. Worse yet, those few humans who try to understand the oddity in almost every fictional story and movie, die. So how are we to make sense of the stories about our ancestors, their past, and the decisions they made? Do we have a right to look at someone else decisions? And judge them? I believe it's time to review the family myths and try to understand what I don't understand. I know it is a big risk; I could be killed.

The biggest myth I must understand is the belief that “Love conquers all.” This is nothing more than a romantic myth unrealized by most of the human race. Remembering that the controlling idea of the children's story, Hansel and Gretel, is that love triumphs only when individuals show inventiveness, courage, and violent behavior. How can I understand a mother leaving her children for her own selfish pleasure? Then again, to one with a raincoat, the rainstorm is not that big of a deal.

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Lynn Verot
Lynn Verot
Jul 17, 2023

Makes a lot of sense.

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