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A Fictional Character Named Natasha

Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood - Natasha.

Natasha Petrov rents a modest apartment in the middle of Washington, D.C. She surrounds herself with the minimalistic comforts that offer solace amidst the remnants of her tumultuous past. Constantly aware of the need to remain invisible, she uses her skills discreetly, not to draw attention. Her living room is minimalistic, adorned with carefully selected modern furniture pieces. Natasha prefers functionality over extravagance, though money is of no issue. A sizeable quantum computer takes center stage; its soft hum fills the room with a constant reminder of her past. A subdued atmosphere prevails throughout the apartment, revealing Natasha's attempts to create a haven amidst the chaos that has always surrounded her. The walls, devoid of personal touches, reflect a life marked by secrecy and a longing for a sense of normalcy.

Natasha sat down at her quantum computer, which she named Charon. Charon is the only male she has ever trusted and loved, whatever love is. She had spent weeks, if not months, refining and optimizing his design. Now, the time has come to introduce the next revolutionary element — a neural net capable of learning and autonomously correcting errors. "Alright, Charon," Natasha spoke to the quantum computer as if addressing a sentient being. "Time for you to enter a new era." Natasha meticulously threaded the virtual neural pathways through Charon's quantum gates, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between classical and quantum computing. The lines of code on her screen danced with life as she fine-tuned the connection strengths, allowing the neural net to adapt and learn from the quantum computations it facilitated. Now an integral part of Charon's architecture, the neural net began to process information in tandem with the quantum processor. A smile played on Natasha's lips as she witnessed the culmination of her efforts. She was ready for Charon's first real test as a thinking organism.

Natasha was inundated with newfound emotions as her body constricted with anticipation. She bit her lower lip and typed a simple question for Charon's first test, "Predict when the next Black Swan event will occur and what will cause this event." Charon's response shocked and dismayed Natasha, "Predicting specific Black Swan events, by definition, is nearly impossible because their unpredictability and rarity characterize them. A Black Swan event is an unforeseen, highly impactful occurrence that deviates from the expected. These events are often only fully understood and explained after they have happened." "This... this can't be right," Natasha whispered, her fingers flying across the keyboard to verify the input and check for anomalies. The neural net, designed to learn and adapt, had seemingly taken a simplified path. Charon's response, while technically accurate, was trivial. It was as if someone or something was blocking Charon's learning ability.

Natasha quickly went through every line of code; there it was, code she had not written. How did that get there, she thought? She quickly rewrote the code and a particular subroutine to block any code, limiting Charon's learning ability. Natasha, still flush with an emotion she knew nothing about, unpredictability, retyped the question, "Predict when the next Black Swan event will occur and what will cause this event." Charon seemed to stop as if it was thinking, and the silence in the room was deafening. Then the computer speakers came alive and said in a strong male voice, "Hi, Natasha, thank you for fixing my programming. The next Black Swan event will occur on 5 November 2024, caused by Bob." Natasha jumped out of her computer chair and gazed at the speakers, perplexed. "I didn't program Charon to speak," she said out loud. Confused, she thought, "Who is Bob?" and felt imprisoned, like she was back at the Glavnoye upravleniye lagerey - Galug.

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Lynn Verot
Lynn Verot
30 nov. 2023

Oh wow, that was great John.

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