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They told me I was related to Benjamin Franklin. They indicated I could not be an artist. Look at what they have done to me and my family throughout history. They are the blame for all of my woes. They have taken everything from me! They?

Most who research family history believe what they are told. The problem is that they are left with stories they were told without adequate documentation. A host of emotions can build, and they respond based on what they feel, not the known facts. The word 'emotion' is derived from the word 'motion'; it is a call to action. Emotion is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. It sounds like they even control your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and reactions.

The quest for family history should be based on truth. The kind of truth you get from documentation, pictures, and DNA evidence. A great question at this point is, "Can't they alter or mistranscribe documents?" Yes, but you will have a starting point to check the facts. You can't fix nothingness. Stories are fun; however, they are just stories. With documented evidence, you have gained a starting point and the beginning of family knowledge. Family wisdom is gained after reviewing the facts and what those truths may mean to you and your family history. You may find several unpleasant insights, along with many great ones. I recommend you keep they from determining what you do next in your search for your family's history. It's yours, not theirs.

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Lynn Verot
Lynn Verot
11 lug 2023

Great piece. I have gained a lot of insight and answers from the information that was documented through genealogy. The stories I was told were just that stories

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